Mango Kush Pre-Rolled CBD Joints & Spliffs | 100% Legal Weed UK


Why Buy Mango Kush CBD Spliffs & Joints?

When you’re looking just through our web store alone, you may be battling to decide from a variety of different pre-rolled CBD spliffs & joints. We recommend our pre-rolled Mango Kush spliff to those looking for that extra flair or productivity, or even a burst of inspiration. Even further than that, we find it’s always an ideal strain for promoting general wellness.

Support health in different bodily functions without worrying about the psychoactive effects that come from THC. Try our Mango Kush CBD spliffs & joints today and see how it can help you.

Not too strong, this is one of our mid strains. At 12% CBD, it’s likely to be a perfect starter for someone freshly new to the CBD world or someone that knows they’re sensitive to cannabinoids.

Quantity: 2 x Pre-rolled CBD Spliffs

Strain: Mango Kush

Product: Pre-rolled / Pre-made CBD spliff

CBD contents: 1Gram

100% Legal <0.2% THC