KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD: Terms and Conditions

Our Refund Policy

  1. If the quality of the product delivered is not to your satisfaction, you should contact us by email within 14 days of receiving the product in order to get a full refund. However, import duties cannot be refunded.
  2. The product would have to be unopened to get a complete refund. This is because we cannot have at our discretion, a reused item.

Currency Used

All of our products are priced using British pound sterling (GBP).

Billing Information

      1. Before the goods are cleared for delivery or dispatch, payment must be received in full from the customer.
      2. The right to select and make modifications to any acceptable payment methods is reserved by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD.
      3. The right to refuse or cancel any order or service based on our discretion is reserved by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD.
      4. The customer hereby agrees that every detail provided as part of his or her account information is correct and up to date. KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD , will not be held responsible for any additional cost or charges occurring as a result of wrong or inaccurate information.


  1. KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, will endeavor within reasonable limits to contact any customer whose order or service has been canceled limited or halted to clarify the situation.

Conditions of Use

  1. A variety of the products delivered by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, might have a stimulatory or sedative effect on users. Hence, if you feel any of these effects or tired after using these products, we advise that you avoid driving or operating dangerous machinery.
  2. Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dosage on all products sold by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD.
  3. If you are on prescription medication, products purchased from KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, might conflict with these prescriptions. Therefore, until you are certain that there would be no conflict between our CBD products and your prescription medications, KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, warns against taking them together (Warning: Do not use any products sold by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD if using any other medication) . We at KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, will not be held accountable should a situation of medication conflict arise. On that note, endeavor to always consult your physician / doctor before taking any products purchased from KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD. (Warning: Please consult a physician before use).
  4. The dosage recommendation applies to adults only. Please keep all products purchased from KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, away from children, pets and all persons under the age of 18. All products purchased from KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, are not to be used if users are pregnant, breastfeeding or are currently on any other medication. Please note: that some products sold by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD may contain traces of nuts. KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, does not endorse the smoking of any tobacco products including the use of Hemp flowers however if customers intend to smoke the Hemp flowers sold on the website (www.cbdflowerbuds.co.uk) they do so at their own risk. “Warning: Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Health and May Cause Death from Cancer and Other Diseases.” All Hemp Flowers, cbd joints & cbd spliffs sold by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD are for novelty purposes only and are not to be consumed or smoked. All products sold by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illnesses.  All statements made by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD have not been evaluated by the MHRA or FDA. All statements made by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD are based on our own views & opinions regarding all CBD products advertised on our website (www.cbdflowerbuds.co.uk).
  5. Please note that KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD does not supply or sell industrial hemp. We do however sell CBD products that contain less than 0.2% THC and are 100% legal.
  6. Please note that all CBD flowers sold by KLM Technology LTD are sold in 0.5g that contain less than 1mg of THC


For security purposes, we at KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD make use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on our checkout pages. This is done to protect your details, such as your physical address, email address, and others.

Delivery Policy

Orders within the UK are delivered using tracked 48hr Royal Mail postage. The delivery arrival time is expected to be 2 to 3 days.

Days during which items are shipped include:

Monday to Friday

Nevertheless, we at KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD do not take responsibility for the delivery time because we post all items promptly. But the local courier services determine the exact arrival time.

Products and Services

  1. The right to modify or discontinue at any given point in time without liability to the customer or any other third party is reserved by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD.
  2. We at KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD will not be held responsible for any changes in colour, flavour or smell of any of our products. CBD oil is a natural oil and hence is susceptible to natural and unexpected changes.
  3. At KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD we reserve the right to restrict sales to any individual, 3rd party, jurisdictional or any geographic region at our discretion. We are not obligated to do so.


  1. All the prices found on the products or services on our website apply.
  2. Any additional costs will be distinctly stated or expressed.
  3. Every price and information found on KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD`website has been compiled and posted with meticulous care, together with any literature derived from it. This, however, does not imply that we at KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD guarantee how accurate or current such information may be.
  4. None of the information given by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD  should be taken or adhered to as medical knowledge or advice. They only serve a general-purpose. Hence, any conclusion reached or decision made using information from the website is done at your own risk. Moreover, the products we sell are not sold in order to assist or cure any medical condition.
  5. The right to modify our prices without prior warning or notice is reserved by KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD.


Article 1- Definitions

Article 2- Corporate Identity/ Entrepreneur

Article 3- Relevance

Article 4- Offer

Article 5- Agreement

Article 6- Right of Withdrawal

Article 7- Withdrawal Cost

Article 8- Exclusion Withdrawal Right

Article 9- Pricing

Article 10- Conformity or Guarantees

Article 11- Delivery and Exhaustion

Article 12- Length Transactions: Duration, Termination & Extension

Article 13- Payments

Article 14- Complaints

Article 15- Disputes

Article 16- Additional and Different Provisions

Article 1- Definitions

The following definitions are applicable for these terms and conditions:

Consideration Time: this term is used to refer to the period during which the consumer can withdraw the order or execute the right of order withdrawal.

Consumer: this term refers to the natural person who is not representing any given company or profession and who comes to a distant agreement with the entrepreneur.

Day: The typical calendar day.

A Length Transaction: this refers to a distance agreement which is related to a batch or group of products or services whose delivery obligations, and actual delivery are spread out over a given period.

Durable Medium: this refers to any instrument capable of enabling the recipient or entrepreneur store or record any information which is personally addressed to them. This is stored in a way that it would be easy to access and reference such information in the future for at a period adequate to the purpose of the information and during which unchanged reproduction of the stored information is allowed.

Right of Withdrawal: this refers to the possibility or potential of the customer to end the distance agreement within the terms of consideration.

Entrepreneur: this refers to the person or corporation which offers distance products to consumers.

Distance Agreement: this is an agreement based upon a corporate system of organized distance sales of products and services including the closing of the agreement making use of one of, or several techniques employed in distant communication.

The technique of Distant Communication: this is a means to close an agreement without the physical presence of the consumer and entrepreneur at the same place at the same time.

Article 2- Corporate Identity/ Entrepreneur


Article 3- Relevance

The general conditions stated above apply to any offer of the entrepreneur and every finalized or closed distance agreement between the consumer and the entrepreneur. Before the transaction is closed, these terms and conditions are available to the consumer. If for some reason, the consumer has no access to these terms and conditions, they can be sent by the entrepreneur as soon as possible without any additional charges. If the distance agreement is consummated electronically, then a copy of the terms and conditions can be sent to the consumer in a format in which it can be saved for easy access. If this is not done before the transaction is completed, it will be indicated where the consumer can find these general terms electronically. They can also be sent to the consumer if they requested.

For the case of special products or services where additional conditions apply, both the second and third articles are mutatis. But in case of conflicting terms or conditions, the consumer can appeal on the important terms or conditions which would be more favorable to the consumer.

Article 4- Offer

It will be distinctly mentioned if an offer has limited validity or other specifications. The offer will explain in details, the offered products and services to assist the consumer in the proper evaluation of the products and services. When images are present, then they are accurate representations of the real product. Obvious or general mistakes are non-binding on the entrepreneur.

Some terms and conditions are specifically related to different offers. These will be made clear in the description of the offer. They might include:

  • Price inclusive taxes
  • Possible cost of delivery
  • Method of closing agreement and necessary signatures
  • Information on application of the right of withdrawal
  • Payment method, delivery, and performance of agreement or contract
  • Offer acceptance deadline or period within which the entrepreneur guarantees the price.
  • Level of the distance of communication electronically (regular fare and additional communication charges included)
  • Whether or not the agreement is archived after finalizing and if so, how the consumer can access it
  • How the consumer can access conditions of the agreement before it is concluded in other languages, Dutch inclusive. How the consumer can access electronically, applicable codes of conduct.

Article 5- The Agreement

The agreement is closed or finalized based on the content of Article 4 above, at the very moment that the consumer accepts the offer and meets the conditions.

As soon as the consumer accepts the offer, the entrepreneur would indicate electronically that the acceptance of the offer has been received. But before, the entrepreneur confirms the acceptance of the offer; the consumer can still terminate the agreement.

If concluded electronically, the entrepreneur would take necessary steps to protect electronic data transfers and for the creation of a safe web environment. If payment is electronic, the entrepreneur will take all necessary security steps. The entrepreneur can also check if the consumer meets payment obligations and other important factors (as allowed by the law) to conclude the distance agreement. If based on sound reason gotten from research, the entrepreneur is motivated to refuse the request or order; then he can connect special conditions to the execution of the offer.

The following information is to be sent by the entrepreneur together with product or service in a format accessible by the consumer in such a way that it can be stored on a durable medium:

  1. Address of company for the consumer to file complaints.
  2. Conditions and ways by which the consumer can execute right of withdrawal and clear grounds on which right of withdrawal will be exempted or excluded.
  3. Information on after-sale guarantees and services.
  4. Requirements for the termination of the agreement if the agreement has a duration of one year or more or an infinite duration.

Article 6- Right of Withdrawal

Starting from the day after the consumer or a pre-designated representative receives the package, the consumer has 14 days during which he or she can disband the agreement without giving reasons. He could unpack or use the product to a given extent to determine whether or not he wants to keep it. If he decides to return the product, all associated accessories are also to be returned and to a reasonable extent, in the original packaging and conditioning depending on instructions given by the entrepreneur.

Deliverance of Services:

For services, the consumer also has 14 days during which return to the entrepreneur without a reason is possible. The 14 days start on the day of entering into the agreement. To be able to exercise the right of withdrawal, the consumer must adhere to the clear and reasonable instructions provided by the seller at the offer or final deliverance of the service.

Article 7- Withdrawal Costs

If the consumer decides to exercise the right of withdrawal, the only cost to be paid will be that required to return the product. If an earlier payment for the product has been made by the consumer, then the entrepreneur will eventually pay back but within 14 of repeal or return shipment.

Article 8- Exclusion Right of Withdrawal

The entrepreneur can exclude the right of withdrawal as long as he has mentioned it in due time (before the conclusion of the agreement). Such exclusion is only possible for the following products:

  • Products established by the entrepreneur according to specifications of the consumer.
  • Products that are clearly of a personal nature.
  • Products which cannot be returned due to their nature.
  • Products subject to spoilage or aging rapidly.
  • Products with prices that fluctuate uncontrollably on the financial market where the entrepreneur has no control.
  • Individual newspapers and magazines.
  • For all products for which cannot be established that it concerns the original product that was delivered by <webshop>

Article 9- Pricing

During the validity period, prices of offered products and services are not altered except for VAT rates. If fluctuation in the financial market leads to a variation of prices for offers, it will be stated with the offer. Price increase within three months of the conclusion of the agreement must be subject to legal regulations. While prices after three months are allowed if the entrepreneur stipulated this and the following conditions are met:

  • They are the result of legal regulations or provisions.
  • The consumer has the power to terminate the agreement form the day that the price increase takes effect.

Prices stated “in the offer” include VAT.

Article 10- Conformity and Guarantees

The entrepreneur is responsible for making sure that the products and services measure up to the stated agreements. Also for ensuring that “in the offer” prices are mentioned distinctly, ensures soundness or usefulness and also ensures on the date of the establishment of the agreement, the necessary government regulations. If agreed, the entrepreneur should also agree that the product is fit for normal use.

Regardless, a guarantee by entrepreneur, importer, or manufacturer does nothing to change the rights and claims that the consumer can mount against the entrepreneur according to the terms of the agreement.

Article 11- Delivery and Execution

The reception and execution of orders of products are to be observed by the entrepreneur and also assessing applications for services.

The address stated by the consumer is considered to be the delivery place.

According to article 4 of the general conditions, the entrepreneur is to quickly execute the order as soon as possible. But within 30 days at most unless an extended period has been agreed upon. No later than 30 days after the consumer has placed an order, he is to be made aware of any delays or if any part, or, the entire delivery is to be delayed or cannot be made. In such situations, the consumer has the right to cancel the without further cost and is even entitled to compensation. In the event of a termination, the entrepreneur is to refund in full the total amount paid by the consumer within a timeframe of 30 days after the termination.

If the delivery of a given product is not possible, then the entrepreneur should make available, a replacement product. The replacement of the ordered product is to be communicated across to the consumer clearly and distinctly. With replacement products, the right of withdrawal cannot be exempted. While the cost of a possible return shipping is to be made at entrepreneur` expense. The responsibility of any damage rests with the entrepreneur until delivery to the customer or a pre-designated and announced to the entrepreneur representative. Unless otherwise agreed upon. Receiving a damaged product should be reported by email within 3 days.

Article 12- Length Transaction: duration, termination, and extension

Duration: if an agreement has a duration of more than a year, the consumer may terminate it after a year but with a notice duration of not exceeding one month except in a situation where fairness and reasonableness are opposed against termination before the expiry of the agreed duration.

Termination: the consumer can terminate any agreement with has been entered for an indefinite period at any point in time. Products and services that are regularly delivered, such as electricity, are included. A notice of not more than a month should be given where necessary.

A consumer can terminate at any time an agreement made for a definite period, concerning any product or service of regular delivery at the end of the definite period. The termination rules of notice not exceeding one month should be given.

A consumer can participate in the agreements in the aforementioned paragraph:

  • At any time terminate (with no restriction to terminate) at a certain time or during a given period.
  • At least terminate in like manner as the agreement was made with him.
  • At any given time, terminate in the same manner with the same notice as that which the entrepreneur has obtained for himself.

Extension: An agreement with has been entered into with a definite timeframe concerning a product or service (electricity) which is to be delivered regularly may not automatically be extended or renewed for a given timeframe.

Regardless of the previous paragraph, any agreement with has been entered into with a definite timeframe concerning regular delivery of a newspaper, weekly, or magazine may be automatically renewed or extended at any time for a duration of three months. This can be terminated at the end of the extended period with a notice of one month.

An agreement with has been entered into with a definite timeframe concerning a product or service (electricity) which is to be delivered regularly may be extended for an indefinite period if the consumer at any time chooses to terminate with a notice period of no more than one month and a notice period of no more than three months if the case in the agreement extends to a regular delivery, but less than one time per month of daily newspaper, weeklies and magazines.

An agreement with has been entered into with a definite timeframe concerning regular delivery of newspapers, weeklies and magazines (trials and introductory subscriptions) will not be automatically extended but instead terminates automatically at the end of the trial or introductory period.

Article 14- Complaints

The complaint procedure of the entrepreneur should be sufficiently publicized, and complaints should be handled according to established procedures.

Complains related to the execution of agreement should be clearly described within and submitted reasonable time during which the consumer has observed defects.

Within 14 days of receiving a complaint, it will be answered. If the time needed for an appropriate response is longer than 14 days, the entrepreneur will answer within 14 days as an acknowledgment to your complaint.

If the matter cannot be handled mutually, then a dispute settlement is employed.

Article 15- Disputes

Dutch law applies exclusively to agreements between consumer and entrepreneur whereupon these general terms and conditions are applied or related.

Article 16- Additional and Different Provisions

These when compared to the general terms and conditions, may not be to the detriment of the consumer and should be recorded in writing in such a way that the consumer can save them in an accessible way on a durable medium.