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CBD Superfood Capsules & Tablets

Have you ever thought it possible to infuse CBD extract with some of the world’s best Superfood powders?  Here at CBD Flower buds we focus on building the foundations to a healthier future. We have successfully managed to infuse CBD extract with some of the world’s top superfood powders including Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat grass and Moringa in order to create our ULTRA+ CBD infused Superfood capsules.

As we all know superfood powders carry many health benefits but the main issue, we find is that many consumers do not like the taste. In order to give our consumers, the best possible CBD product we performed a case study with 50 members of the public to determine whether or not they preferred to consume raw Superfoods or capsules. Therefore, we have managed to engineer a capsule that contains not only one super powder, but five powders all mixed together alongside raw CBD extract.

Our new 100% natural organic CBD infused superfood capsules contain the following:

  • 100% Raw Wheat Grass Powder
  • 100% Raw Cacao Powder
  • 100% Raw Spirulina Powder
  • 100% Raw Chlorella Powder
  • 100% Raw Moringa Leaf Powder
  • 99.9% Pure CBD

100% Natural Ingredients…Just as nature intended! …