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Pre-Rolled CBD Spliffs & Joints

Often raved about as the “best pre-rolled CBD weed joints you can buy in the UK,” we’re rolling our pre-rolled CBD spliffs & joints out to our online platform! Packed with the same flavour and terrific aroma as hemp, each pre-roll is CBD-rich and heavy on the terpenes.

We’ve taken the hassle out of rolling hemp flowers by doing it for you with our pre-rolled CBD spliffs & joints.

All of the strains on our platform that have become favourites within our community are now going to be available in pre-roll form. Our best CBD spliff varieties have been grown naturally, rich with hemp extracts and terpenes our community are searching for. Hand-picked and treated with care, let’s look at all the other benefits you can look forward to with our new, luxury-grade pre-rolled CBD joints.

Pre-Rolled CBD Spliffs & Joints

AK47 Pre Rolled CBD Joints & Spliffs


What are CBD Pre-Rolls?

Instead of the classic, THC-rich marijuana joints many may be accustomed to, we offer a THC-free, CBD-rich, hemp alternative. Instead of the THC you find in most joints, the CBD infused herb we put in ours contains virtually no detectable levels of the cannabinoid. Instead of using other methods to take CBD, smoking pre-rolls allows the endocannabinoid system to more rapidly accept the outside help. While vaping certainly comes close to hitting at the same time, there can still be up to a 10-minute delay before you really start feeling the benefits vaporizing has to offer. With smoking, you can generally feel relief within the first minute of inhaling. Our CBD herb joints are made of ground up, fresh flower. We never use shake or trim for our pre-rolled joints. Ideal as one serving or to be put out and lit up again for multiple sessions, they present a calming experience that’s hard to describe, but enjoyable, nonetheless. Overall, they’re perfect for when you’re getting ready to go to sleep at night, when you have those nerves or anxiety over a situation, or when you just need a break. Whatever the situation may be, we’re finding more uses for hemp and its derivatives every day.

Why Do People Love Our Pre-Rolled CBD Weed Joints?

The answer is simple – our hemp flower is some of the highest quality across the UK. We follow everything by the book, ensuring we meet regulations and our flower stays safe from seed to sale. Likewise, our cannabis always contains less than the legal 0.2% THC limit; in fact, lab reports consistently show non-detectable levels of THC for many of our strains. Why do people love our CBD joints? There’s more than just one reason! When you need a clear head, pre-rolls are an excellent fix to get back into the swing of your creative session. While you’re doing that, feel relief from pain, anxiety, and a network of other symptoms and emotions as you take your first few puffs. One of the biggest pluses to using CBD joints instead of tinctures, capsules, or other methods is how quickly the benefits can be felt. Almost immediately, a calm rush of relief floods through the system. While we can’t say it’s true scientifically, many in our community have established that our pre-rolled CBD flower joints are a nice in-between for first-time or new cannabis users that fear getting high but want the other effects. They also say the CBD is great for helping to recover from hangovers, unwind from work, get to sleep faster, and stay functional and efficient through it all. Healthier than a tobacco cigarette, consider this your sign to switch to our pre-rolled CBD weed joints today as an easier, safer, and more enjoyable alternative to nicotine. Quitting tobacco has been linked to helping with symptoms of depression, weight gain, and a slew of other things, so today is as good a day as any to switch to these instead.