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Additional information: Bubble Gum – CBD Pre-rolled Joints & Spliffs

Containing 12.3 percent CBD hemp flower 

Those familiar with the bubblegum lineage will love this particular strain. The strain has a characteristic full of flavour that you just cannot resist. Containing 12.3 percent CBD content, it neglects potency and the vapor is simply fantastic with a taste that you won`t be forgetting any time soon. It is simply a mouthful!

So far, it has become a new favourite, and when you try it, you might just decide to keep it around as your personal best CBD joint. The taste is simply off the charts.

The CBD Content is 12.3%, while the THC content is less than 0.2%.

Strain: Bubble-gum

Product: Pre-rolled / Pre-made CBD Joint

CBD contents: 1Gram

100% Legal <0.2% THC

The CBD Content is at 19%, while the THC Content is less than 0.07%