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CBD Honey | 1000mg | 100% Natural CBD Infused Honey!

The CBD market is ripe with new and exciting cannabidiol-infused products, including CBD honey. Since natural honey is already full of antioxidants and nutrients, infusing CBD into the formula just amplifies those effects. And infusing a full-spectrum CBD extract like we did means you have the maximum potential for a powerful entourage effect right at your disposal.

CBD honey is a favourite among our community; a sweet treat that’s as versatile as it is effective. You can let it melt in your mouth by itself to feel the effects as quickly as possible, or you can add it to your favourite beverage or dish for a slower release that lasts even longer. Whatever you decide, we recommend trying our CBD honey to at least see if it matches your needs and if it tastes as good as we know it does!

Triple tested for purity and potency, we demand the highest quality possible for all our products, including our CBD honey. Consistent with every batch because of the care we put into making the formula right, we’re proud to show off a CBD-infused honey that actually works. Dont Delay & Buy Our CBD Honey Today!