Quite frankly, we are all not so different in a unique way. You are most likely interested in cbd cannabis buds due to an experience in their efficiency you must have previously had. Well, so are we. Nevertheless, this shared interest is what moved us to start up our very own company. This way, we can help fellow cbd cannabis enthusiasts to the best of our abilities.

All around the globe, there are many enthusiasts of cannabis buds, oils and other products. There are many experiences and stories shared by those who have had excellent successes in their use of cannabis. These successes could be health-related or not. But to be able to have a part in facilitating such successes globally is an honour which gives us endless joy and pride.

All our hemp suppliers were all specifically chosen by us. We had to pull all our resources and put in the extra effort to find these suppliers. This is because we have the customers best interest at heart and not just financial gain. We wanted those who love cannabis and its related products as much as we do. Most importantly, we wanted those who would not compromise on quality both out of appreciation for the products and concern for customer health.

Our CBD rich hemp flowers have become one of our more popular calling cards (of a sort) in the past 12 months. We source our products by only using companies who apply a very strict set of rules and stringent principles in their growth and care of the hemp flowers. Moreover, they also endeavour to properly store and cure these hemp flowers themselves. To this end, we can proudly and confidently state that we do business with customer interest before profit.

Additionally, we are one of the very first companies to implement a very unique discount system which makes all our products affordable to all of our customers. To further indicate our “customer over profit” practice, we offer our customers a full 15% off all our products if they are currently in receipt of benefits when it happens that they cannot work. We do this so that our products would be affordable to those who need them the most without becoming another source of burden or luxury to them. We want our CBD products to be accessible to all.

Moreover, at this point, we would like to briefly make a certain fact clear. We are legitimate sellers of hemp-based products, but we are not in a position to make any claims as to the medicinal properties & benefits of using CBD related products. At KLM TECHNOLOGY LTD, we strictly abide by the set rules and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Do my orders have assigned tracking numbers?

After being tracked 48hr delivery, a tracking number is assigned to the package. This number is not to track the package at every point in time. Instead, it is given to confirm whether or not; the delivery has been attempted.

Do your delivery services extend outside the UK?

Since various regions and countries have varying views on the legal status of hemp and CBD, we only deliver to customers who are within the UK to avoid run-ins with the law of any region.

I ordered with wrong address details; what can I do?

It is human to make mistakes. To that end, if you made a mistake, even a relatively minor one, with your address, it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible. This is so that we could assist you in manually correcting the address details. This way, your package does not go to the wrong place. Although we can detect the presence of minor errors while processing your order, it would be best if you made a report instead.

But in the case where the address is entirely wrong, there are different procedures. We would need to cancel the order and make refunds to enable you to reorder making use of the right address.

Too late, I got my package delivered to the wrong address, what now?

If you realize too late and the delivery to the wrong address has already been made, then all we can do is be patient. We would wait and see what the unintended recipient of the package would do. Hopefully, they would refuse the delivery and ask the postman to return it to the sender. In that case, we would simply forward it to you after it has been returned or issue a refund. But to avoid all these and even more unnecessary issues, please endeavour to put in the correct address. There is very little to no room for error because we try to dispatch all orders that same working day.