Royal Cheese Pre-Rolled CBD Joints & Spliffs


Royal Cheese

Our pre-rolled CBD joints are made up of fresh buds that have been hand-picked from the harvest; we never pack our joints with shake or trim. Each joint is about one gram in size, providing sometimes more than 16% CBD.

A fast-flowering variety, our Royal Cheese CBD spliffs come from legendary plant genetics, marking a legacy throughout the cannabis world thanks to its infamous name. Cultivated from a dedicated crew of growers based around London, a CBD joint is a wonderful way to get the most out of a hemp strain without worrying about the negative psychoactive effects from THC. As our hemp flower is guaranteed to contain under the legal limit of 0.2% THC, you can experience all the benefits with none of the potential repercussions.

Heavy Aroma with Mixed Smoke

The strong smell that Royal Cheese gets its name from is almost enjoyable to breathe in – it’s just that stinky. Even as the hemp variety, our Royal Cheese CBD flower can be smelled outside even contained in its greenhouse indoors. Incredibly pungent, many new people on our team have to become familiar with the scent to be able to best decide when that flower is ready for harvest; generally, the smell can give it away.

Our award-winning Royal Cheese hemp strain packed into a delicious joint is quickly becoming a new favourite, both among our team and among our community. Whether amateur or expert in the hemp flower game, we keep our Royal Cheese CBD spliffs regularly stocked to accommodate for all the CBD lovers we have in our CBD Flower Buds family.

Try Pre-Rolled CBD Cannabis Flower Joints Today

Our Royal Cheese CBD joints are rolled to exquisite quality, densely packed with the same premium hemp flower we use for the raw buds we also sell, among other types of hemp products. Try our Royal Cheese CBD spliffs today to see if it’s the strain that’s ideal for relieving you of symptoms and providing you with the relief you were looking for.

Everyone is different, so the right hemp strain is out there for every individual. For many, our Royal Cheese pre-rolled joints appear to be providing the quality and stellar effects that our audience craves. As we mentioned before, this is one of our community’s and team’s favourite strains, and for good reason – and we hope you’ll feel the same way when you get to try it!

Quantity: 2 x Pre-rolled CBD Spliffs

Strain: Royal Cheese

Product: Pre-rolled / Pre-made CBD Joint

CBD contents: 1Gram Royal Cheese

100% Legal <0.2% THC