CBD Rosin & How its made

CBD Rosin & How its made

As we all know, hemp is legal now, and there is more progress on what it can be used for and just how it should be used. Although some edibles are still not approved by the FDA and regulated, CBD rosins are allowed for production, sale as well as marketing. And a lot of people tend to want to know just how they are made so they can make CBD rosins themselves.

The good news is that CBD rosins can be processed in the house and just as good as rosins made right about everywhere such as simple traditional rosin pressing. Although different people come with different tricks and turns, the processes are generally similar and have the same result. And all the steps are pretty easy to learn and carry out with the right pieces of equipment and products. So how can you make CBD rosin at home?

Picking A Plant

Although Hemp, Marijuana, and cannabis are used in place of each other most times, they are not the same, and the closest is that hemp and marijuana are both derived from the cannabis plant family. So if you choose to make CBD rosin, You should know that marijuana contains a higher amount of THC, unlike hemp, which is relatively low to non-existent and has more presence of CBD.

Getting The Right Equipments

The right types of equipment can take you a long way in achieving the best Rosin. Instead of relying on DIY methods that may not work, you can choose to get yourself something a lot more accurate for pressure and heat such as Helix pro manual press. Either helix 3 ton or helix 5 ton. They can press as much as 6-10 grams of flower at a time.

Pressing Hemp To Make CBD Rosin

This is the concentrated substance which is gotten from hemp and can be derived by carefully applying pressure or heat to the hemp plant. Pressing rosin doesn’t require the use of solvents and all you need is a quality rosin press, hemp, parchment paper, and tools give you chemical-free rosin.

Make Sure Your Flower Is Hydrated

When you properly hydrate your flowers, it would be a lot easier when pressing and that being said, a dry flower wouldn’t do you any justice, and you need to avoid that from happening. Making sure your flower is perfectly hydrated is excellent as the moisture is needed. Before you start pressing, ensure that your plant is 55-62% humid.

Start Pressing The Flower

When all the above measures gave been carefully developed. You need to start pressing your flowers with a rosin press, and you need the appropriate temperature to get a good quality, or it might be ruined. If you are going for the best oil yields, then you need to press your flower between 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

So when pressing, you need to keep in mind that different temperatures produce different quality got your CBD. These are a few recommendations for you when producing a CBD rosin to give you the best yield.

Starting Temperatures: should be about 240℉ or more and should be in for at least 120 seconds until you get at least 15% of the weight of your yields.

Pressed Amount: when pressing your hemp for CBD rosin, you should use about 1.5 grams per press and always make sure to follow the manufacturers’ guide.

Press Type: your press type should be one that allows you to keep track of your rosin and gives you options of adjustments to get the best rosin you can.


There are many uses of CBD Rosins as they are limitless and one good way is CBD dabs. You can also use your CBD rosin in vape cartridges, and since it offers you the best contaminants free products, CBD Rosins could be the future.

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