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CBD Flower Buds Wholesale Program

The CBD industry is skyrocketing, expected to be a $22 billion industry by 2022 alone – are you going get in on the ground floor before it’s too late? A fast-growing market, you could start selling CBD-rich hemp flower through our wholesale program to reap the benefits the industry is offering so many business owners already.

CBD flower continues to be a growing popular choice as we move into an era where cannabis smoking is becoming more accepted. It’s one of the fastest and most efficient methods to getting a sufficient serving of cannabidiol, which is just one of the reasons we offer a wholesale program in the first place.

At CBD Flower Buds, we aim to please every consumer in the UK area. Tested and guaranteed to contain less than the 0.2% legal THC maximum, our CBD-rich hemp flower strains are available to consumers in our community, but they’re also available at an even more affordable discount to members of our wholesale partner program.

Through our CBD flower wholesale program, we can provide you with a variety of CBD-rich hemp strains that always contain little to no THC at a steep discount so you can sell that at retail prices. This allows our product to spread across the nation more readily, providing more people with the joyous benefits cannabidiol has to offer.

Our mission is to provide as many people as we can with the medicinal and beneficial properties CBD contains, and we can do that more easily when our wholesale partners sell our products, too.

Selling Wholesale CBD Cannabis

There are many variables to consider when choosing a wholesale CBD cannabis partner. Each harvest should be tested for purity and accuracy through an independent, third-party lab that’s an unbiased source separate from the company. These labs can confirm the cannabinoid content level, such as the CBD and THC, are accurate, as well as test to make sure the product is free of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and any other pollutants or contaminants.
CBD Flower Buds has every batch from our harvests tested for complete accuracy, purity, and transparency. We want to be honest with our users and our partners, so you see every step of the process alongside us.

Once we test each batch, we send them off to be tested and confirmed for accuracy by an unbiased, third-party laboratory. When you buy our CBD buds wholesale, you’ll have access to the lab reports that correlate with those flower strains, which will instil trust in your customers and make you appear as more of an authority CBD brand.

Likewise, you deserve the highest quality hemp flower the UK has to offer, which is exactly where CBD Flower Buds comes in. We harvest our bud by hand, picking only the very best of the crops to send off to consumers and partners.

Is Selling CBD Flower Legal in the UK?

The hemp flower we sell to our wholesale partners and our consumers is 100% legal in the UK. Each strain is grown on approved farms across Europe, tested through an approved third-party lab for pesticides and impurities, and contains less than the 0.2% THC maximum for industrial hemp.
We only sell hemp flower and hemp-derived products that our friends and family would use (and do use!), so you can be confident that our products are of the highest quality possible.

How to Use CBD Flower Buds

Our hemp flower is rich in cannabidiol, allowing our community to enjoy the benefits CBD has to offer through smoking or even vaping through a dry herb vaporizer. While these are the two most common ways, some of our users also like to turn the hemp flower into a more concentrated oil or other extract to turn into edibles of some kind. The possibilities are virtually unlimited when it comes to hemp flower, since the cannabis is essentially in its rawest form.

Smoking seems to be the most common method. You can smoke by rolling the hemp in rolling paper or a hemp wrap, putting it in a smoking pipe or other smoking piece, or getting creative with what you have available to you. We like to recommend making the investment for a high-quality dry herb vaporizer. Vaping dry herb allows you to absorb more CBD than through just smoking – and with way less product.

For our community, there are a lot of ways you can use CBD-rich hemp – and they’re discovering new ways every day. Will your brand or soon-to-be business get in on the action and take advantage of the growing CBD industry while the market is still ripe?

Join Our CBD Cannabis Wholesale Program

When you join our CBD flower buds wholesale program, you get premium quality cannabidiol-rich hemp that’s been lab-tested, consumer-approved, and ready to be sold to a growing community that continue to reap the benefits it has to offer.
Will you join the endless cycle as another consumer in the CBD industry – or will you rise to the top and become a brand that helps the CBD users in your area get quality flower they can count on?
Join the CBD Flower Buds UK wholesale program today and we can provide you with an incredible discount on legal CBD hemp that’s already cost-effective to our community. We want to help you join the CBD movement so you can help others see what it truly has to offer.