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CBD Protein Powder

Our CBD protein powder was formulated with an athlete’s best interests in mind, which means ensuring they get the macronutrients and vitamins they need to stay at the top of their game. To disguise the flavour of hemp and whey protein, you can choose between a delightful strawberry or smooth vanilla blend.

Non-GMO with organic, all-natural ingredients infused with our unique hemp strain, we use the whole plant extract to ensure we’re optimizing your chances at the gym, on the track, or wherever you decide to get those gains. Our grass-fed whey protein is combined with amino acid supplements and other various vitamins and nutrients to truly magnify the performance boosted.

Who is Our CBD Protein Powder Ideal For?

This CBD-rich protein powder is perfect for anyone who wants a boost even after their workout. You can amplify results with a powder infused with CBD for a creative way to mask the way hemp tastes while not degrading any of the cannabinoids or other compounds for the final product. Even if you’re not hitting the gym regularly, protein powder can also be used as a meal replacement, so you can feel full of that and a snack instead of an entire meal. Our CBD protein powder is for anyone who wants a unique way to consume their daily serving of CBD. It can be boring relying on CBD capsules or oils to get the job done, so we’re happy to provide more interesting types of CBD-infused products in our inventory to spice our community’s lives up.

Benefits of CBD Protein Powder

Before we even touch on the benefits both we and our community experiences thanks to CBD, our meticulously formulated protein powder is ideal for aiding in the prevention of muscle fatigue, as well as reducing the time it takes to recover after a gruelling workout. Protein is one of the three macronutrients we need to function and thrive. Besides carbs and fats, protein is what’s needed for the body to make hormones and enzymes, repair tissue, and help build muscle. A good protein powder can help one tone their muscles, or even work as an aid for weight loss over time. Now, top a good protein powder off with CBD? You’ve got a speedy recovery, delicious post-workout hit. While we need more research on the subject, many already take CBD to ease joint stiffness and muscle soreness as well as reduce inflammation. Since you generally use it after a workout is complete, it helps that CBD has also been shown to promote relaxation in some thanks to its effects on our endocannabinoid system.

Are there Side Effects to Our CBD Protein Powder?

We recommend speaking with a certified medical professional before incorporating our CBD products into your daily routine if you’re taking prescription medications. Especially in the fitness world with a CBD-infused protein powder, we would always rather our community be safe rather than sorry. As with any CBD product, there are little to no side effects or negative reactions when it comes to taking them. However, minor side effects can include a slight change in blood pressure, dry mouth, and in some quantities, drowsiness. However, if you use our recommended serving size you further mitigate the chances of experiencing any of these minor side effects.

Pro Athletes Advocating for CBD

Even on the pro side of the fitness and sports industries, athletes from the NHL and NFL have already stepped forward to share their experience with CBD. Riley Cote, a former NHL winger, David Ahrens, a former NFL line-backer, and Ryan VandenBussche, a former NHL enforcer, all touched on how CBD changed their perspectives. After being pushed opiates and prescription drugs while in the NFL and NHL, they only wish they’d gotten to try it sooner in their lives instead of after their pro sports careers were over.