Watermelon Cookies Pre-Rolled CBD Joints & Spliffs


Additional information – Watermelon Cookies – CBD Spliffs & Joints

Containing 15 percent CBD  

Our Watermelon Cookie CBD spliffs & joints contain a very high percentage of CBD content at 15% CBD and a very low percentage of THC at 0.13%. The aroma is a nice natural scent together with skunky undertones.

Sativa-dominant strain, Perfect for those who are struggling with sleep.

Quantity: 2 x Pre-rolled CBD Spliffs

Strain: Watermelon Cookies

Product: Pre-rolled / Pre-made CBD Joint

CBD contents: 1Gram

2 x Spliffs & Joints 0.5g each

100% Legal <0.2% THC

The CBD Content is at 15%, while the THC Content is less than 0.13%.