CBD Strawberry Jam | 5000mg | 99.9 Pure CBD Extract


Introducing our delicious and potent CBD strawberry jam, with a whopping 5000mg of premium CBD per jar! Made from only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, our CBD strawberry jam is the perfect addition to any breakfast or snack.

How Do I Use CBD Strawberry Jam?

Some people’s imaginations stop at jam on toast – but there’s so much more you can do with our CBD strawberry jam. The only thing we recommend is that you don’t cook with it, or heat it up, as it can degrade the cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds inside of it. We’ve already cooked the jam prior to infusing it with CBD, so it can just be applied to the top of a dish.

Here are just a handful of ideas you can use to turn your strawberry jam into a prize-winning treat:

  • Make popsicles or even add it to your ice cream.
  • Add into a shortcake.
  • Stir or shake into a cocktail or other mixed drink.
  • Top creamy desserts, pancakes or any other treat with CBD strawberry jam.
  • Serve alongside cheese.
  • Add into yogurt for a fruit-flavoured twist.

Try Our Strawberry Jam with CBD Today

There’s a lot to offer when it comes to our strawberry jam infused with a powerful CBD extract. We look forward to watching our community feel the stacking benefits of the jam over the course of a few weeks, amplifying with consistent use. Try our CBD strawberry jam today to dive into the CBD world with a sweet treat that makes it easy to get a daily serving.